Vladimír Rimbala


         I was born in Levoča on November 26, 1978. I grew in the village of Markušovce and studied at the Secondary School of Agriculture in Spišská Nová Ves. After the compulsory military service, I started to travel and work in various professions. I lived in several places in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Norway. I chose such jobs that gave me enough time to travel and develop painting and drawing.

         I began to draw as a little boy, but I have been engaging in it actively since I was 15. My main theme was nature. I drew from books, surrounding landscape and documents on foreign countries. Travelling around the world gives me great inspiration. As an independent traveller I discovered, apart from Europe, the beauties of the Philippines, New Caledonia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Reunion.

         I have illustrated six books, 20 articles in magazines, and several scientific works. My works were on display at several places in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Norway.

        I currently live in Brno. I create a lot in the area where I am living, but I am also able and willing to travel anywhere to my customers’ places.